Mea Shearim / Rabbi Mordechai Machlis / Shabbat

This week’s Shabbat

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Today is already Thursday and tomorrow night, the Shabbat starts.Unbelievable how fast time goes by !
Last Friday night, I stayed at home and, in the end, I was glad that I did. Mea Shearim and Ge’ulah were full with haredi demonstrations against the new Jerusalem cinema complex “Planet Yes” and “disputes” with the cops took place.
Tomorrow night, however, I am planning on going to Tishes, in case there are any. I think that most Rebbes should be back in Jerusalem and I will make my round to various Synagogues. 
I may go to the Machlis house as well. The entire family seems to be in New York, as Rabbanit Henny Machlis is very ill and hospitalized there. However, someone told me that Joshua Machlis (the son of Rabbi Mordechai Machlis) is running the Shabbat show.
To be honest: I would have never ever imagined that Henny Machlis is getting seriously ill. Those of you who have been to the Machlis house know what I am talking about: Everything just seems so eternal. The Machlises are there every Shabbat and holiday and this is it. No one would have ever thought otherwise. How could we ? The Machlis house, the meals, the family – everything is just perfect and going on forever.
Now there are calls for “Praying for Rabbanit Machlis” and too me, it sounds like a totally different world.

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