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Tales from the Ultra – Orthodox World in Jerusalem

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Just in case someone reading this blog speaks German: My first ebook on the Ultra – Orthodox world in Jerusalem is available on Amazon Kindle as well as on PDF file. The ebook is listed on Amazon Germany for 2,99 Euro. And, as I mentioned before, if someone doesn’t want to deal with Amazon, I will send him the ebook as a PDF file by email. The price is the same and can be paid by PayPal. The PDF is exactly the same version as on Kindle.
Although Amazon states that uploading an ebook onto Kindle is so easy and only takes a few minutes: My friend and I were working a whole night through. I think that the most complicated issue is to get the Word File into the right format and design. Everything depends on the self – publisher because only he is in charge and no publishing company. You make one mistake and you can mess up the Kindle text.
I really have to say THANKS to my friend who helped with the format and getting a PDF file ready !
The cover design on Kindle Direct Publishing was rather easy and before you pay one of those expensive web designers, you should definitely try to create your own cover. With a great photo, for example.
In the cause of this week, my friend and I will get the English PDF version ready ! The ebook includes approx. 26 pages and deals with the difference between Orthodox and Ultra – Orthodox Judaism in Jerusalem. Many people outside Israel don’t even know that there is a difference and that not every frum Jew is automatically Ultra – Orthodox.
Furthermore, I wrote a few stories about Mea Shearim and other places in Jerusalem in order to let the reader glimpse into the daily live of a rather closed world. 
To German link on Amazon



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