Looking for a suitable chassidic group

The other day, one of my blog readers asked me “how he can find a suitable chassidic group in order to become a member”. A more open chassidic group and not one of the strict ones.
The best way to find out is very simple: Just look around! Try out different chassidic Synagogues, speak to the members and see if you would be able to fit in. No one else can give you advice and you have to go Shul shopping by yourself.
If you think that you might like it, then speak to the Rebbe. This may be rather difficult when it comes to larger chassidic groups such as Belz, Toldot Aharon, Satmar or Vishnitz. But a guy getting to know the Chassidim will find a way.
Women, on the other hand, have to find a way to talk to the Rebbitzen.
If you really succeed to join in the end, the group won’t let you walk around as a single. You should know that joining a chassidic group is also connected with finding a Shidduch and getting married. This is the first thing the Rebbe will tell you before or right after being accepted as a member.

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