Giur (Conversion) / Islam / Judaism

“From Busman to Yaniv Eliasaf” – A Palestinian converting to Judaism

It doesn’t happen on a daily basis that a Palestinian Muslim converts to Judaism but it still happens from time to time. The names of conversion courses or Yeshivot converting the Muslim remain secret, as the potential convert is putting his life in danger. Muslim society doesn’t accept people leaving Islam and the worst scenario could be that other Muslims show up in order to assassinate the convert.
Nevertheless, a Muslim converting to Judaism is seen with suspicion in Israel because Israelis don’t necessarily know how to react. For the Israeli authorities the converts remains a Palestinian and the Palestinians consider the convert as being a traitor who deserves death.
The Palestinian Busman was born in Shechem / Nablus and ended up in an Israeli jail. There, he became friends with his Jewish inmates and guards and thus became interested in Judaism. After his release from jail, he began he studies at a Jewish in haredi Ge’ulah / Jerusalem. Rabbis and other Yeshiva students were really impressed by Yaniv’s studies.
The following videos were published two years ago and I don’t know what Yaniv is doing now. Back then he applied for Israeli citizenship and wanted to join the Israeli army. He stated that he could even serve in Shechem where his family still lives. 
The first video is an Israeli TV news report and only in Hebrew. At the second video you can click on English !




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