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Ashkenazi “Beit Yaakov” not accepting Sephardi girls

This Tuesday will be the first school day for Israeli kids after the long summer vacation. The Israeli media as well as thousands of parents like to make a big fuss when it comes to the beginning of a new school year. In secular schools it is customary that the students wear new clothes, new shoes and have a new bag. A lot of parents are really struggling financially because their kids want to wear expensive brands and refuse to look cheap. I remember when I was in school and we started a new year: First of all, our parents did not make a fuss and freak. Moreover, we did not buy new clothes but, if necessary, a new backpack for our books.
Our media is reporting live from all kinds of schools from all over the country. Once, September 1 is over, everything is going back to normal.
And every year anew, various Sephardi Rabbis and parents inform the media and point out the so – called Ashkenazi “Racism” towards Sephardi schoolgirls. This has been going on for years and we find quite a few Sephardi girls who were rejected by Ashkenazi Beit Yaakov schools and now find themselves without any school.
A couple of years ago, the settlement of Immanuel made headlines when the local Ashkenazi Beit Yaakov haredi girl’s school Beit Yaakov refused to accept Sephardi girls. The school is run by Chassidut Slonim and I never fully understood why Sephardi girls demand going to a Slonim school. The Slonimer Chassidim are teaching Slonim ideology, Slonim history, Slonim commentaries, Slonim everything. Even me as an Ashkenazi would never get the idea to join a Slonim school. Why should I? I am not a member of the Slonim and I do not intend to become Slonim. So, why should I learn everything Slonim when, at home, I am doing something completely different?
Why would outsiders, in this case, Sephardi girls, want to go to a Slonim school?
Back then, I spoke to a Sephardi guy I knew and he said something very interesting:
“Sephardi Jews see a lot of Ashkenazi Jews succeeding in life. They make a career and earn a lot of money. Ashkenazi Jews are considered to be more successful and young Sephardi Jews want their share too.”
It looks as if Sephardi girls think that, by going to an Ashkenazi school, they will get a better Shidduch and succeed in life. Furthermore, the Ashkenazi education system seems to be much better than the Sephardi one.
Thinking this way is very naive. It is not necessarily a school making you successful in life but it is the person himself. Going to a good school does not mean that the student is intelligent !
There is a lot of separation in the Jewish frum world and the National Religious are not much better than the Haredim. Not when it comes to Shidduchim (matchmaking). Ashkenazi Jews prefer marrying Ashkenazim. It goes without saying that there are Ashkenazim who also marry Sephardi Haredim but, in most cases, Ashkenazi Haredim associate with their own kind.
Real Ashkenazi Chassidim only marry Ashkenazim unless someone is seen as “problematic”. Even the Chassidic group of Toldot Aharon accepts Sepharadim who are willing to join the group. However, the Ashkenazi members do not marry the Sephardi members.
Sephardi Jewry always scream “Racism”. Especially their famous SHASS Knesset politicians who do not get tired of stating that Sephardi girls should be proud of their origin and join the Sephardi school system. However, do not forget that the same famous Shass politicians prefer sending their own children to Ashkenazi schools.
The Israeli Beit Yaakov school system is complicated, as there are Batei Yaakov for Ba’alei Teshuva (newly religious Jews), Batei Yaakov for regular girls, Batei Yaakov for troublemakers, etc. Personally, I would not mind studying with Sepharadim as along as they are as everyone else in the class but I do see the point when in haredi circles, Ashkenazi parents do not want their kids to study together. I mean what is the point when a Sephardi girl learns all kinds of Ashkenazi customs in school and does the exact opposite at home?
There is a Sephardi movement run by Yoav Lalum who is trying to cancel any kind of segregation. However, what I did not know was that extreme leftist George Soros is financing Lalum’s attempt. Soros who hates Israel and always wants to overthrow the Netanyahu government in order to get the leftists to rule. What Soros wants is a Palestinian State and a weak Israel run by the left. He invests a lot of money to interfere with Israeli society. Soros finances demonstrations such as the Ethiopian riots in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem or the Tel Aviv demonstrations of illegal Africans.
As soon as I heard that Soros was involved in the fight against Ashkenazi Haredim, I stopped taking the Sephardi demand seriously. It is not about Sephardi and Ashkenazi but it is about politics and in order to weaken the government.

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