Uploading an ebook to Kindle


Uploading the German version of my ebook turned out to be a veryyyy long learning process and I really recommend that, in case you are planning to upload your own ebook, you should have someone at your side who is a computer geek. šŸ™‚ It may sound so easy uploading an ebook to Kindle but it is not. Especially for those people who publish children’s books with lots of illustrations or comic books, the Kindle upload a can turn into a nightmare. Simple because the Kindle systems sometimes puts pictures out of place.
After publishing the German version on Kindle, one of my readers told me that the ebook does not work on Paperwhite but on any other Kindle version. I found out that this was not my fault but Amazon. The Paperwhite is a delicate device and users have problems downloading certain ebooks. Publishers, on the other hand, are being confronted with difficulties in terms of uploading ebooks.
Why did my ebook not work on Paperwhite? Because I uploaded it via Kindle Text Creator. In other words, the own Amazon system blocked Paperwhite.
So, my friend helping me and I started looking for a different uploading system and we found Calibre.
Calibre has many positive as well as many negative online reviews. Nevertheless, we tried it out and, for us it did not work. Converting the text and the actual uploading process were not a problem but Calibre messed up the text on the Kindle. In other words, there were pages containing only one word or one sentence.
We uninstalled Calibre and will not use it again. It may work very well for other people but we did not like it.
In the end, we used the Kindle Text Creator which worked out just fine. However, the problem is that the ebook cannot be downloaded to Kindle Paperwhite.
Those of you who only use a Paperwhite device and would like to have the ebook – I put out a PDF file which is available through PayPal. Meaning, that you pay 12 Israeli Shekels onto my Paypal account and I am going to send you the PDF file by e – mail.
Until we figure out a better uploading system to the Kindle, it looks like we are unable to get ebooks onto the Paperwhite.
If anyone of you knows a solution, he is very welcomed to let me know !!!



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