“Germany under Muslim siege” – Migrants throw away food and water

I know people saying that, finally Germany is receiving it’s punishment for killing the Jews. This could be true or maybe not and, most of my life, I haven’t had the real “Heimat (home)” feeling towards Germany. The country where I grew up, whose language I speak, where I went to school and to university. Nevertheless, I still have family and friends back in Germany and I know that there are a lot of good and honest Germans who love living in a democracy and do support Israel. No, I don’t mean the crazy fanatic missionary Christians but ordinary people.
What is happening in Europe at the moment is nothing but a disgrace. It goes without saying that people from other countries whose life is in danger should find a new home and a save place. People from Syria who have really suffered under ISIS and just escaped in time. However, what we see at the moment, is almost exclusively Syrian males running after trains at the train station in Budapest. They threaten bus drivers and only have one goal: GERMANY!
They don’t care about Hungary as a save haven nor do they get off the train in Vienna and asking for asylum in Austria. No, they only want Germany, as Germany is providing them with the highest “welcoming” money and social services. Near Berlin (in Brandenburg), the self-appointed asylum seekers are put into an expensive hotel with swimming pool and wifi. In other places, the people are put in tents and gymnasiums. As a result of this, school kids do not have any sports lessons at the moment and the situation is getting worse, as many Germans fear that the Merkel government is going to confiscate private homes. There already seems to be a plan that, according to a “new” law, the German government will be able to confiscate private property for at least six months. Temperatures are going down and the migrants cannot sleep outside for too long anymore. Thus the German government wants to put them into private homes. Even by force !
After the Second World War, Germany became a democratic federal republic and the Germans were happy to get their freedom of speech back. What Angela Merkel and the entire German media do at the moment is destroying this particular human right. Every German who speaks out against the masses of migrants, is automatically considered to be a Neonazi. Germans who are questioning the costs and the vast amount of migrants arriving are, according to Angela Merkel, nothing but Neonazis.
Ordinary Germans are very afraid of the African and Muslim crowds streaming into the country. The government is putting 2000 migrants into villages where only 600 Germans live. Many Germans are too afraid to leave their house, as groups of migrants hang around in the streets spitting at the locals.
Most migrants “on the road” are not in danger and only want to go to Germany in order to receive the highest amount of cash, the best financial help and social services. For them, Germany is like paradise but reality is very different! As soon as all the Muslims find out the truth, they may start rioting. There are no jobs in Germany. The unemployment rate is high and it has become impossible to find an affordable apartment. Nevertheless, Angela Merkel continues to invite the whole world to come to Germany.
The video shows the true nature of Syrian asylum seekers. They only come for the benefits and are not interested in integrating into a democracy.



Although I have never had any patriotic feelings, I fear that Germany will soon go down the drain.

2 thoughts on ““Germany under Muslim siege” – Migrants throw away food and water

  1. I keep wondering why, if the main reason is to escape war, torture and death, that they don’t register in the first EU country they come to. Surely they can move from there when they’re stable? As for throwing someone’s kindness back in their faces, disgraceful! Even if they’re Muslim and only wish to eat halal, there is surely a law like pikuach nefesh which overrides every other law to save life?

  2. B”H

    The same Germans welcoming the migrants at train stations are, on the other hand, very anxious to boycott Israel. It is the same people supporting the migrants who hate Israel and support Palestinian terror.

    Why do the migrants not register in Hungary or Austria?
    There is a EU law stating that, a refugee has to register at the first EU country he is arriving. So far, migrants who wanted to come to Germany thus arrived by plane.

    If all of them now registered in Hungary, Germany could refuse accepting them as refugees and sending them back to Hungary. This is the reason why the Syrians refuse telling the Hungarians their names and just start rioting.

    I think the law is called the Dublin Law but Angela Merkel has already announced that for Syrian migrants, the Dublin rules do not exist anymore. Meaning, they can enter Germany from wherever they want and no German authority has the right to deport them.

    If you look at all those migrants from Syria, Africa, Albania, etc., you only see men. Guys who wear clean clothes, are shaven and hold a smartphone in their hand. They claim to have lost their passport but hold a smartphone in their hands.

    So far, more than a million male migrants have arrived in Europe and almost all of them scream GERMANY, GERMANY, because the Germans provide the most cash and all kinds of benefits. My guess is that, in another couple of months, all those men are importing their wives, kids, parents, uncles, aunts and goats. They don’t just stay alone. And the Africans will import their whole village.

    One has to ask why Angela Merkel is doing this:

    She justifies her actions with: Germany has the lowest birthrate and thus less people paying taxes. The migrants, on the other hand, can boost the German economy, as they are all academics and highly skilled workers. The truth is that, at least 20 % of them are illiterate and most of them look like thugs. They will all be on welfare and only suck money out of the tax payers.

    German companies such as Daimler Benz already announced that they would employ the migrants. The migrants are cheap labour and this is why German workers won’t be employed.

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