Europe / Germany / Islam in Europe

Muslim Migrants & Jewish Communities

Due to hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants invading Europe, local Jewish communities have to be more cautious. In Germany, Jewish community centers and Synagogues are easily recognizable due to the vast amount of police cars, cops and private security staff standing in front of the building. If you want to go to a Synagogue in Berlin and you only know the name of the street where the Synagogue is located, no problem. Just walk along and, as soon as you see police, you have found the Synagogue.
The Syrians and Lebanese are the archenemies of Israel and now hundreds of thousands of Syrians are coming to Germany. Their favourite place is Berlin. On the other hand, a lot of Jews as well as all those young Israelis who preferred moving to Germany due to cheaper grocery prices, live in Berlin. Now young Israelis enjoying their cheap chocolate yogurts find themselves face to face with Syrians and maybe even ISIS. 
As a result of the present Muslim invasion will be more cops protecting Jewish communities in Germany.
Not every Muslim is automatically an anti-Semite. However, the past has shown that more and more Muslims scream “Death to the Jews” and that they are supporting Hamas and justify Arab terror.

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