Temple Mount / Terror

Palestinians rioting on the Temple Mount

Although Muslims state that the (JEWISH) Temple Mount in Jerusalem would be a “holy” Islamic site, Palestinians do not treat the Temple Mount as such. Jerusalem is not even mentioned once in the Koran and Muhammad was never here. The Temple Mount has nothing to do with Islam but was, is and always will be JEWISH. 


Copyright: Ofir Gendelman
On a daily basis, Palestinians riot on the Temple Mount. They scream and throw stones as Jewish visitors or simply riot without any particular reason.
When it comes to Jewish holidays, Muslims love to riot and next week is Yom Kippur. Meaning that police and army have to be on high alert. As my neighbourhood is located next to two Arab neighbourhoods, police and army set up checkpoints every Yom Kippur.
The pictures show how Palestinians were gathering stones in order to attack Israeli cops. This is happening on the Temple Mount inside the Al Aksa Mosque. Does it look like a “holy” Muslim site?


CO9R-TRUYAA9HIh.jpg large
Copyright: Ofir Gendelman


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