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Israeli Chief Rabbis warn the public against missionary event on Sukkot

The same procedure every year on Sukkot:
The International Christian Embassy located in Jerusalem is organizing a huge missionary gathering at the Jerusalem International Convention Center (Binyane’i HaUma). Thousands of Christian missionaries from all over the world are coming to Israel these days.
Next week, the Jewish world will be celebrating Sukkot. It is a disgrace that the Jerusalem Municipality allows the Christian embassy and it’s missionaries to march through downtown Jerusalem. Every year on Sukkot, this Christian parade is taking place. Although it is forbidden to show any kind of weirdo missionary posters or hand out pamphlets, the goal of the Christian missionaries is very clear. Especially when it comes to their lectures at the Convention Center where participants are taught how to approach Jews.
Further details on the Rabbi’s warning:,7340,L-4701347,00.html


Many fundamentalist Christians want to live in Jerusalem. There are those who actively want to approach Jews in order to spread their idol-worship and there are those who claim to receive all kinds of “prophecies” from G-d. I have met American missionaries who had collected money donations from their local American church community but once they arrived in the Holy Land, they just spent the money without doing anything but working for the church.
What you also find in Jerusalem and it’s outskirts such as Mevasseret Zion: Wealthy Christian missionaries who are collecting plenty of $ donations from all over the world and what they do with the money is “buying a huge house and a big car for themselves”. Whereas the donors think that these missionaries are “good Christians”, the people receiving the money just take all the money for themselves.
I recently published an ebook on “how people come to Israel with all kinds of expectations and run out of money”:

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