Nature / Sukkot

Good Morning, Jerusalem!

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Tonight is Erev Sukkot (the first night of Sukkot) and I am really looking forward to this festival. In an hour or so I am going downtown in order to take a few pictures. Especially at a Arba Minim (Lulav) market. Unfortunately, I cannot offer you pictures from Arba Minim markets in haredi areas such as Kikar Supnik (Ge’ulah) because only men are allowed in. 🙂 However, not all Haredim buy their Lulav in Ge’ulah, Sanhedria or Mea Shearim but also at different places in town.
A special event is taking place this Wednesday afternoon: The HAKHEL ceremony at the Kotel (Western Wall). I am going to take pictures but I cannot say whether I will stay the whole time because it will be too crowded. The last time I was there seven years ago, was frightening, as it took me about two hours to leave the Kotel Plaza and the stairs leading to the Jewish Quarter.
Please be aware that thousands of Christian missionaries are cruising around in Jerusalem these days!!! The missionaries are here for the missionary parade taking place this Thursday afternoon.


Mea Shearim hung up a lot of Pashkevilim with warnings against immodest behaviour during Chol HaMoed (the intermediate days of Sukkot). Women from the outside will not be allowed to participate into local chassidic Tishes. I do understand this decision because it will be simple too packed and female group members may not find a seat when groups from the outside occupy everything.
Despite the announcement that outsiders should stay away from Mea Shearim during Sukkot, I will have a quick look and try taking a few pictures. 🙂

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