Christian Missionaries

Boycott today’s Jerusalem Christian Missionary Parade!


It is a disgrace for the city of Jerusalem.

Thousands of Jews are constantly being bothered by Christian missionaries. Even in Israel we find Christian idol-worship missionary material in our mailboxes.

The Jewish State of Israel should be an example and ban all missionaries and Christians who seek to destroy Judaism. Instead, Knesset politicians associate with Evangelical Christians or Christian Friends of Israel. The reason: MONEY, CASH, $$$. Too many Israeli politicians are bought off and this is a big problem for the modern State of Israel. In this respect I even understand Satmar, the Neturei Karta and all sorts of anti-Zionism. Simply because it is disgusting seeing other Jews running into Christian missionary traps.

This afternoon, thousands of Christian missionaries are holding a parade in Jerusalem. It is called the annual Jerusalem Parade where also lots of Israelis participate. The organizer of the event is the International Christian Embassy located in Jerusalem. A well-known missionary center.

Today’s Christian participants claim to support Israel but, in reality, their goal is to destroy Torah Judaism. Evangelical Christians and Christian Friends of Israel think that, by converting all Jews to Christianity, the false messiah Joshke will return. How stupid can one be?

All Christians marching today through downtown Jerusalem do not support Israel but are anti-Semites who truly hate Torah Judaism. This is why every honest Jew should boycott the Jewish Soul destroying Holocaust Parade!


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