Arab terrorists attacking our House

About two hours ago, Arab terrorists were throwing a Molotov Cocktail onto the roof of our house. I heard a massive explosion and thought that the Arabs exploded another car. When I stepped outside, the neighbours from across screamed that our roof was on fire. And there was a fire and smoke was rising.
It took a while until the fire department came and thanks to a neighbour coming over with a fire extinguisher! Otherwise the house could have burnt down.
Police and army (border police) arrived after a couple of minutes and they found glass on the roof. It was a Molotov Cocktail and I found a large stone on the porch next to my door. The Arabs had also thrown stones but had missed my window.
Then a big fuss started with the police and the crime investigation afterwards. Now everybody is gone and now what?
Palestinians attacking Jews all over Jerusalem and I know we have to live with it. However, what we need in my neighbourhood is a checkpoint and a 24 hour army security. Otherwise Abu Tur is turning into a second Armon Hanatziv.

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