The Situation after the Palestinian Attack

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Besides the Molotov Cocktail on our roof I found this stone in front of my door. Palestinian terrorists were attacking our house last night and a Molotov Cocktail caused a fire on the rooftop. 
Throughout the night, a helicopter was flying over the Temple Mount, my neighbourhood and the nearby Armon Hanatziv neighbourhood. Police and army units were entering the Arab part of Abu Tur where Arabs were rioting. We are still waiting for the water pipe to be fixed and, in the meantime, don’t have any water. Hopefully this will be fixed by tonight.
Until approx. 2am, a police jeep was standing in front of our house. Despite the fire on our rooftop we still can thank G-d not having ended up with a knife in our belly, as the Palestinians run after all Jews. I heard that even tourists avoid the Old City these days and I can only recommend to book the Avraham Hostel or the Jerusalem Hostel in the new city.

Jews are being killed because they are Jews! Doesn’t this sound familiar? 

And now the good news:
It is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. Thus the Arabs will hide in their holes and maybe it will be quiet for a couple of hours. 

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