If you are involved in an Egged bus accident …

then don’t expect too much from the Egged bus company’s insurance.
I got hit by an Egged bus three years ago and was taken to Shaarei Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem. An American exchange student from Arkansas was severely injured. Among other things, her pelvis was broken four times and she had to stay at Hadassah Hospital for over two months until she went back to the States for rehabilitation treatment. Our mutual lawyer told me that she is still waiting for her compensation, as the Egged insurance company is making everything very complicated. As an American: Don’t expect a huge compensation consisting of millions of Shekels! This is Israel and the girl may receive something around 30,000 Shekels.
My compensation may be around 5000 Shekels. If at all … My broken laptop won’t be compensated at all but the lawyer told me that he added it to the general compensation amount. So, we will see …
If you ever get involved in an Egged car accident you have to get a lawyer, as Egged is not dealing with you but only with a lawyer. Actually Egged is not dealing with you at all because everything is between your lawyer and the Egged insurance company. Don’t expect any apology or any help but look at it in a very rational way. 
Update: After I wrote the above article, my lawyer phoned. He told me that he has good news, as I am receiving my compensation. Actually more than I thought and I do not have to pay taxes from it. So, I am going to see him on Sunday in order to sign papers.
Nevertheless, the shock remains and I am still afraid when a car is driving backwards. And what really bothers me until today: Why didn’t I see the bus rolling at me and why didn’t I run away like most of the other bystanders? I simply didn’t see it because I was too busy counting my money for the ticket. Unfortunately, I am not James Bond. 🙂

2 thoughts on “If you are involved in an Egged bus accident …

  1. Get a better lawyer. You are to be made whole and you are intitled to renburse you for everything. I am sittig the night with my dead daughter she died tonight from cancer. Im going to miss her.

  2. B”H

    OMG, I am so sorry to hear that. My mother died from cancer but losing a child is probably much harder. I don’t know what to say …

    As I said, Israel is not the US and here you never get a huge amount of compensation. No matter what lawyer you have.

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