Daily Life in Israel

On the Road in Tel Aviv / Ramat Gan

Photo: Miriam Woelke
The border between Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan
So, how is life in Israel? Well, it very much depends on where you are. The atmosphere is Jerusalem is quite tense and we already had another terror attack this morning. A female Palestinian terrorist exploded her car near Ma’ale Adumim (outside Jerusalem). Within the past 73 hours, Palestinians carried out 11 terror attacks and the international media keeps quiet. So does the UN and you won’t hear about any condemnations. They only come as soon as Israel strikes back. As long as Jews are being attacked, no one cares.
I am in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan for a couple of hours. It is hot and humid at the coast but people are more relaxed and not as tense as in Jerusalem. A lot of Jerusalem residents bought pepper spray and I also have a bottle. Not everyone is entitle to carry a gun because people need an official permit from the Ministry of the Interior. And this permit is only available for settlers outside Jerusalem, for security staff and for residents who live in dangerous areas. My neighbourhood may be among the dangerous places because we never know what is expecting us in our streets.
Last night, Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat announced that school kids finish school at 1.30 pm today. The reason is the terror situation in town because no one knows when and where another Palestinian terrorist is going to freak out and try killing Jews. A lot of parents are driving their kids to school and kindergarten these days.
Last night, Matisyahu gave a concert at the Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem. Lots of security was around and a helicopter was up in the air. I didn’t go to the concert because I am not such a fan but I heard that Matisyahu started two hours late. 🙂

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