A very sad Rosh Chodesh MAR CHESHVAN

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Sky over Jerusalem
Today is Rosh Chodesh Mar Cheshvan – the beginning of the new Jewish month “Mar Cheshvan”. Due to the latest terror Arab terror attacks, today has turned into a very sad day!
A new month also stands for a new beginning in our lives. Not that we can only change to the better on Rosh Chodesh but especially this day is a kind of symbolic.
The official name of this month is CHESHVAN but, as the month doesn’t include any holiday, the word MAR (bitter) was added. Cheshvan is also the month of Noach’s flood.
“Sefer Yetzirah – The Book of Creation” lists different characteristics for each Jewish month of the year: SCORPION is the horoscope of Cheshvan. The tribe of the month is MENASHE, the colour is PURPLE, the sense is SMELL, the organ are the INTESTINES and the letter of the month is NUN נ.
There are opinions claiming that, as Mar Cheshvan doesn’t include any holiday, the month is reserved for Meshiach and his building of the Third Temple.
Let us hope that this may be the case today !
“Chodesh Tov – Have a great month !”

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