On Palestinian Terror in Israel

Israel is a tiny country where everyone knows each other. At least many born Israelis. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise when the media is constantly updating the recovering progress of terror victims still hospitalized:
At least 1000 Israeli soldiers are on guard Jerusalem. Even on public buses. Their task is to secure the capital, prevent more Palestinian terror attacks and return the feeling of security to the residents. Lately, hardly anyone is leaving the house if he doesn’t have to. Cafes and restaurants are empty. The same with buses and the tram. People hurry to work in the morning. Mostly by car and, on their way, they drop their kids in front of schools. In the evening, everyone rushes home and people prefer staying indoors. Just not going outside where a terrorist could show up with a knife and start stabbing. 
The international media sometimes gets lost and doesn’t know who is attacking whom. It seems that hardly any journalist is doing research anymore but everyone just copies and pastes. Palestinian terrorists are still being glorified and called “resistance fighters”. Videos from Israeli security cameras are being cut and only show the “poor” Palestinian being shot by Israeli security forces. What the international media hides: Why the Palestinian got shot. Because he or she was running around with a knife stabbing as many Jews as possible. Further details HERE !
The Israeli army blog is listing all significant Palestinian terror attacks from 2014 until now:
Please note that the daily terror attacks such as burning cars, Molotov Cocktails and stones are not listed here. Palestinians curse Jews as “Dirty Jews” on a daily basis and it is impossible to list all these so-called “minor” terror attacks. 
What our government should do:
  • Throw all Arab Knesset members who glorify Palestinian terror out and charge them with treason.
  • Cut all welfare and child allowance for Palestinians. 
  • No Israeli company should employ any Arabs.
If Arabs know that, after carrying out a terror attack, the family will be left with nothing, they may think twice about becoming a terrorist. 

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