Two Palestinians boys stabbing Jews and Abu Mazen praises Arab Terrorism

At the moment, Abu Mazen is trying very hard to turn two Palestinian boys who were stabbing Jews into Martyrs, who were deliberately killed by Israeli security forces. The truth of the matter is that the two young terrorists were running around with knives through the Jewish Pisgat Ze’ev neighbourhood  (Jerusalem). First, they were running with their knives after a local resident. Afterwards the two terrorists were stabbing a young Jewish boy who had just come out of a candy store and gotten on his bike. Nevertheless, Abu Mazen wants to make the world believe that the two Palestinian killer boys were actually innocent children.
The Israeli police released a video from a security camera showing the two young Palestinians running with knives in their hands after a local man. Then, as mentioned before, we see the Jewish boy leaving the candy store and being stabbed outside. Security forces shot one of the young Palestinians and the other one was injured and is now hospitalized at Hadassah Medical Center. Meaning, that Jewish doctors and nurses have to take care of a terrorist. The young Jewish victim was severely injured and was also taken to hospital. 




I can imagine that the international media is going to believe Abu Mazen’s fantasy story rather than the facts presented by the Israeli police. So far, this video is only available on Youtube for Hebrew speakers which is a big mistake. The video should be published in English because, otherwise, everyone will believe the Arab Youtube propaganda. 

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