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Palestinians claim: “The Western Wall (Kotel) belongs to Islam!”

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Source: Twitter


Unbelievable but true: The Palestinians complained to the UNESCO that the Western Wall (Kotel) is actually part of Islam.
Well, this is nothing new and for decades, Palestinians have made great efforts to destroy any Jewish Temple remains left on the Temple Mount. I met young Palestinians in Jerusalem who didn’t even know that Islam was founded centuries after the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple. What the young Palestinian generation also isn’t taught: That there once was a Roman occupation and that the word Palestine actually comes from the ancient Romans and has nothing to to with today’s Palestinians.
These days, the UNESCO will be deciding whether the Western Wall is part of Islam, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is YES. We just need to take a look at the UN Headquarter located at the Jerusalem Promenade (Tayelet): The majority of UN employees is Palestinian. They also have a few foreign employees but the majority is Muslim. And guess on what side they are?
The Arab world as well as the rest of the world is making another attempt to erase Jews and their history. It is like the Generation of the Flood: Get rid off G-d and we do whatever we want. Even George Orwell couldn’t have imagined what is going on in our present time. History is being rewritten and Arab terrorists are turning into heros.


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