Rabbi Mordechai Machlis

Shiva for Rabbanit Henny Machlis z“l

Photo & Article: Aish HaTorah
Together with a friend, I went to the Machlis house yesterday where the family is still sitting Shiva until today. Rabbanit Henny Machlis passed away last Friday and there is a tremendous grief. It was very sad seeing the Machlis children mourning for their mother and Rabbi Mordechai Machlis mourning for his beloved wife.
Many people were gathering in the house when we arrived. People sitting together with the Machlis children and the Rabbi and telling each other stories about Henny. We learned that Henny never gave upon life. Even when the doctors told her that her situation is pretty bad and without much hope.
When we were there, quiet a few distinguished haredi Rabbis walked in. Among them the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Aryeh Stern.
Those who would like to contribute a story about Henny, the Machlis family launched a special e-mail address:


Photo: Miriam Woelke

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