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Did Paul invent Christianity?


An extremely informative video which really should open everyone’s eyes to the lies of the church. In my opinion, it was Paul inventing his own religion based on the early Christian “Joshke” figure. If “Joshke” and his original followers saw what Paul and the later church did, they would faint.
At the moment I am reading a fantastic book written by John Loftus and Mark Aarons “The Secret War against the Jews“. Previously, the two authors also published the book “Unholy Trinity” where they describe how the Vatican was helping leading Nazis to escape to South America, Egypt, Syria, etc.
In “The Secret War against the Jews”, the authors state that Pope Paul VI. (Giovanni Battista Montini) served as a CIA informant. Moreover, when Eugenio Pacelli, who later became Pope Pius XII., served as a Vatican Nuntius in Munich, he personally handed Hitler cash. Pacelli hated communists and he saw Hitler as a tool for destroying communism.
The Saudi King Ibn Saud, the British ex-spy and later advisor of the Saudi King, Jake Philby, as well as the American Allen Dulles and his brother, were fanatic anti-Semites and did everything in their power to keep the Jews out of Palestine. All three of them supported Hitler. Not only financially but actively in exterminating the Jews. The role of these three people as well as the American oil industry and Pope Pius XII. is just disgusting.  I always wonder why G-d creates such vicious people in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Did Paul invent Christianity?

  1. Yes Paul did invent Christianty
    READ Hyam Maccoby book
    The Mythmaker it tells the story of how Paul made YeHoos into a G-D!

  2. I have also been recently reading “The Secret War Against the Jews,” too. There are some good interviews with John Loftus on YouTube for further information.

  3. B’H Miriam

    Yes the great idolater blastphemer Paul did create Yehoo’s the christen G-D Jesus

    Read Hyam Maccobys book The Mythmaker its about Paul and his invention of christianity Its a good read and he takes Paul apart.


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