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Electric Power Issues

These past few days, the coastal areas around Tel Aviv were flooded. Within minutes, a lot of rain came down and flooded Herzliya, Kfar Saba and Rana’ana. And, as usual, bad weather conditions always cause the electricity to stop. The Israeli electric company “Chevrat HaChashmal” just doesn’t seem to get it. 🙂
The day before yesterday, my neighbourhood was suffering a 10 hour power failure even without any rain or stormy weather. Yesterday I was accompanying a friend to the Jerusalem headquarter of Chevrat HaChashmal, as her electric bill was a few thousand Shekels high and this was impossible. As a matter of fact, I was there to translate for her, as her Hebrew is not that good yet.
We decided not to call the hotline in order to complain but to actually go to the customer service at the headquarter. Those of you who have never dealt with the electric company in Jerusalem: Their headquarter is near Kanfe’i Nesharim Street. Right before you enter the haredi Har Nof neighbourhood: In HaMelamed Street 44.
After all my anger about the power failure I have to give Kudos to the Chevrat HaChashmal: They were extremely helpful and immediately fixed the wrong bill my friend had received. The two people working at the customer service were very nice and knew their job.
Now the weather has recovered a bit and we are supposed to get some sun over Shabbat. Some people asked whether Rabbi Machlis is continuing his meals: Yes, he does but I don’t know if he does so already or whether he is waiting until the end of the Shloshim.
However, Rabbi Machlis is teaching at the OU every Sunday night at 8pm.
Shabbat Shalom and lots of electricity to everyone! 🙂

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