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Going out for a Hamburger in Jerusalem

Photo: Miriam Woelke



Photo: Miriam Woelke
Where do you get the best hamburger in Jerusalem? The BEST and not the cheapest. Israelis love burgers with chips and plenty of ketchup. However, Israel is an expensive country and there is no place where you actually get cheap burgers. Not even at Mac Donald’s or Burger King. 
There are two bigger burger chains in Jerusalem: First of all, there is “Burgersbar” where you can buy large hamburgers but they are pretty expensive. In case you also order chips: Please note that the portion is expensive but relatively small. So, don’t be surprised and as disappointed as I was.
The second chain is called “BURGERIM” whose burgers are delicious. At Burgerim you can buy two mini burgers (beef or veal) for 37 Shekels. The portion may look tiny but I promise you: After eating those two burgers, you will be stuffed. Personally, I very much prefer Burgerim and what I have noticed is that they also offer a better and faster service than Burgersbar. 
Both hamburger chains are Kascher le’Mehadrin!

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