Anti - Israel Policies / Anti - Jewish / anti - Semitism / Europe / United Nations

UN officials and their hatred towards Israel

It doesn’t surprise me at all that various UN officials are inciting murder of Jews:
Let us just look at the UN headquarter at the Promenade in Jerusalem:
The majority of employees are actually Palestinians. The Jerusalem headquarter also includes Gentile employees from abroad. Many of them live in my neighbourhood, as other Jewish neighbourhoods wouldn’t rent out apartments to Israel haters. And this is what those UN Gentile employees do: They hate Israel and anything connected to Judaism but let illegal Arabs or other illegals clean their apartments. I know what I am talking about because I live among such UN employees.
The good thing is that they get stoned by the Palestinians just as the Jews get stoned. Palestinian youths also smash windows of UN vehicles which always makes us love because those Israel haters deserve it. 🙂
When I hung an Israeli flag on my balcony due to the Israeli Independence Day in April, a Gentile American woman whose husband works for the UN apparently didn’t like the flag. She lives two floors underneath my balcony but not really in the same house. A few weeks ago, Arabs threw stones onto their balcony and the woman said that this would happen because of my Israeli flag. She asked me to take it down which I did. A few days later, she sent me her landlady to complain about the flag. However, the flag was already gone and the landlady told me that her UN tenants are Gentiles and she only wants to avoid further discussions with them. When I said that this is a sign of giving in to Arab terror, the landlady probably only thought about her rent. It is well-known that landlords in Abu Tur rent out apartments for tons of money and the UN pays everything. There goes the UN money: For private Gentile schools where the employees send their kids and for renting posh two-floor apartments all over the world. 
So, now the flag is down and our house doesn’t really speak to this UN family anymore but I guess they don’t care. They love their Arabs and hate Israelis even more. Nevertheless, it is a disgrace that Israeli landlords in Abu Tur / Jerusalem rent out their apartments to UN anti-Semites. Let the UN staff move in with the Arabs where they belong!
The same, by the way, with all those German EU police employees. I see Germans dressed in a EU police uniform walking through my neighbourhood which is disgusting. Moreover, these German EU cops are here to protect Arabs and are totally pro-Arab and against Israel. Now we have German anti-Semites stationed in Israel. This is just another disgrace for the State of Israel!

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