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The Israeli TV series STISSEL enters a new Season

For all those of you who understand some Hebrew and are interested in the new season of the Israeli TV series STISSEL. The series is about a fictitious haredi family from Mea Shearim / Jerusalem. The series broadcasted by a secular Israeli TV channel is extremely popular and even many Haredim are watching it. Haredi society is not presented as something negative and no prejudices occur. The actors say that they, as secular Jews, learned a lot about haredi society while portraying the TV characters. They even had to undergo a Yiddish language course and learn every single detail: From blessings over the food until the real Peyot (Peyes) hairstyle. The actors were taken to Mea Shearim Tishes and were invited for a Shabbat meal at a Mea Shearim family in order to get an idea about haredi society.



I watched the first season at the Jerusalem Cinematheque and liked it. However, the restaurant STISSEL located in the haredi Ge’ulah neighbourhood does not exist anymore. Unfortunately, I have to say, as I used to eat there a lot. Especially their homemade Kishke was delicious. 🙂
The TV series was actually named after the haredi restaurant.
More about STISSEL:
What is STISSEL about?

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