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Europe and it’s Muslims

Only a day or two before the deadly terror attacks in Paris took place, the EU, once again, decided to label Israeli products. Everything made in the West Bank  has to have a label so that potential customers are aware of “what they are buying”.
What the EU seems to ignore is the fact that plenty of Palestinians work for Jewish companies located in the West Bank. So, Israel haters don’t only influence Jewish profits but could cause Palestinian employees to be laid off. Nevertheless, Europe sticks to it’s anti-Semitism, no matter what. The German government even stated that they would be willing to do anything in order not to anger the masses of Muslim migrants invading Germany. Whatever Muslims do and say is right and has to be respected. Many German “Gutmenschen” (liberal left-winger “good people”) are prepared to give up their culture just to make the Muslim migrants happy. The migrants, on the other hand, see the Europeans as weak and the stupid naive “welcoming culture” will turn out as destructive and the downfall of Europe.
Paris is only the beginning but the truth is that people will forget. Just as Spain forgot the train bombings (2004) and England forgot the underground bombings (2005). Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered to help France with Israeli intelligence information. Hardly anyone else in this world has such a great intelligence as Israel when it comes to Arab terror. Furthermore, Israel is experienced and knows what to do and how to strike back. Only if countries strike back, Muslims start taking them a bit more seriously. Politicians who just sit and wait are seen as weak idiots and the Muslims are going to continue their attacks.
I hope that European politicians are learning something but I am too realistic and thus don’t really think so. Already they are talking about a small ISIS group but, at the same time claim, that this is only a tiny minority within the Muslim world. All other Muslims love peace and are a true enrichment to European culture.
If this kind of terror attack would have happened in Israel, the world’s had definitely not made such a big fuss but stated: “The poor Palestinians are so desperate and have no choice but to react this way!”
The Arab terror in Europe is going to continue and there won’t be any change in the European liberal leftist way of thinking for the time being. They rather accuse the Jews but don’t unite against the Muslim danger.

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