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G-d’s knowledge never changes

G-d does not acquire knowledge which He did not possess previously. His knowledge never changes like ours. G-d always knows everything happening in the whole universe. He is fully aware of when a person will be born, how his life is going to be and when and how the person is going to die. G-d knows everything since the Creation of the universe and it doesn’t matter whether we are born now or in another 1000 years because G-d always knew that we will be born and when. 
G-d’s knowledge never undergoes any changes and He is not learning anything new from experience. We humans, on the other hand, never know everything and our knowledge is extending with every new situation in life. We are undergoing a learning process whereas G-d is perfect and His knowledge is eternal. 
Unfortunately, too many people are making the mistake to think that G-d has the same attributes as we have. There are people who cannot grasp an infinite perfect being like G-d and thus they always compare G-d to humans and get mixed up. 
“Moreh Nevuchim-Guide for the Perplexed”, 3:20
Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (Maimonides, Rambam), 1135-1204

2 thoughts on “G-d’s knowledge never changes

  1. Hmmm, that leaves a dangerous argument regarding subjective and objective free-will though. Has anybody written anything on that?

  2. B”H

    An excellent point!

    There is a lot of literature on FREE WILL but you won’t find anything definite. I know that the Ishbitzer Rebbe has written something like “that there is no free will” but I have to look it up in his Torah commentary ME’I Ha’SHILOACH.

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