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Where is the FREE WILL when G-d knows everything?

A few days ago I wrote that G-d never changes and his level of knowledge always remains the same:
Someone sent me a comment asking how our FREE WILL fits into this concept. Do we have FREE WILL at all or is it just an illusion.
The answer is that there is no definite answer. We simply don’t know.
There are Rabbis who say that we have FREE WILL and there are those (such as the Ishbitzer Rebbe) who claim that we don’t have a FREE WILL.
Nevertheless, I would like to express a thought on this subject:
The Talmud teaches that the Torah preexisted the Creation of the world. That G-d looked into the Torah and then began His Creation process. However, as certain events occurred and people didn’t react in a way the preexisting Torah defined, the Torah changed in accordance with the choices people made. For instance:
Adam and Eve had the choice to eat from the Tree of Knowledge (Etz HaDa’at Tov veRah) or to refuse eating the fruit and not listening to the snake. They chose to eat and thus had to face the consequences.
This example shows that the two first humans actually did have the choice and they made a bad decision. The two were meant to live forever in the Garden of Eden and that the preexisting Torah was referring to this. When Adam and Eve were thrown out of Gan Eden and became mortal, the Torah was changed and the forefathers came into existence who rectified the sin carried out by Adam and Eve.
So, do we have a choice in life or not?
Maybe, maybe not. We don’t know but I guess we wish that we are able to make choices because this is just our nature. 🙂

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