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Berlin department store removes Israeli products

The famous Berlin department store “KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens)” removed all Israeli products from it’s shelves. It says that they want to label those products and only then sell them. Two weeks ago, the EU decided to label all Israeli products from Samaria and the Golan Heights. Europe is suffering from Arab terror attacks but the most important thing is to label Israeli products. And the Germans are famous for carrying out orders of any kind.
In Germany, nothing is more important than carrying out orders. The trains to the death camps ran until the very end. Despite Germany losing the war and soldiers starving at the front, the extermination of the Jews was never stopped.
Believe it or not, from approx. 1926 until Hitler came to power, the KaDeWe department store had a Jewish owner: Hermann Tietz. Starting in 1933, the department store had to become Aryan. It’s Nazi history doesn’t seem to bother the department store today but they even prefer continuing the old ways.
If you visit Berlin you should definitely boycott this anti-Semitic department store. Even more so as it once underwent Aryanization. I am 100% sure that the department store would never dare to remove Arab products from it’s shelf!


One thought on “Berlin department store removes Israeli products

  1. B”H

    The Berlin department store published an apology on it’s homepage:

    Israeli wine bottles were returned onto the shelves but it seems unclear whether they were actually labeled or not.

    The KaDeWe apologizes for possible misunderstandings.

    Let us wait how German retailers react to the EU label decree. It cannot be that Israel, as a democratic country, always has to be the scapegoat and Arab terrorists and their countries are free to do whatever they want.

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