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The Middle East Conflict explained in a few words

I have to admit that I am not the type and that it is not my ideology at all. According to my opinion, it could be possible that Israeli Jews and Palestinians living in Israel could do so peacefully. Under the condition that the Palestinians recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish state and live according to the law and constitution.  Palestinians living in Israel (and not in the Palestinian Authority) mostly have full Israeli citizenship. We all pay taxes, etc. And we all carry a blue Israeli ID card.
Palestinians are members of the trade union Histadrut, they work as doctors in Israeli hospitals or as judges. One Palestinian judge is a member of the Israeli Supreme Court. They all receive social benefits such as welfare and child allowance.  
I do not favour the demand that all Palestinians need to be deported to Jordan, as the movement of Rabbi Me’ir Kahane does. There are plenty of information about Rabbi Me’ir Kahane available on the Internet. I guess that most opinions state that he was a racist and totally nuts. However, when you search for details, please don’t mix him up with his brother, Rabbi Nachman Kahane. I have never met Rabbi Me’ir but I did meet Rabbi Nachman once. This was years ago when I was joining a group touring his Synagogue in the Arab Quarter of the Old City.
Last Thursday I went to a Shiur (religious lecture) at the OU in Jerusalem. I am actually planning to write about this specific Shiur in one of my following blog posts. The subject was, “why the Chief Rabbi of Zfat, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, made a decree prohibiting the purchase of apartments or renting out apartments to Arabs”. With this decree, Rabbi Eliyahu was referring to the small northern town of Zfat where the population suffers from a severe problem with young Palestinians studying at the Zfat college (university).
Never mind, I am going to write about the decree and it’s sources in the Torah a little later. Before the Shiur started, someone was selling copies of a book written by Rabbi Me’ir Kahane: “They must Go“. So, I purchased a copy because I was curious.
Two days later, on Shabbat, I started reading and the book turned out to be a good history book with lots of historical facts I already knew. Facts listed in other books written by Israeli military experts and historians. Nothing racist or secret but a lot of historical details no one seems to be interested in today. 
I am going to publish a couple of these facts on this blog from time to time because it is important that people know history. One of Rabbi Kahane’s subject: Why hasn’t the State of Israel succeeded in integrating the Arab population? Israel made a lot of efforts and spent plenty of money but, until today, the Arab majority rejects Israel and even fights it.Despite all the welfare payments. 🙂
Since the modern State of Israel came into existence, all Prime Ministers thought that, once the Arab youths are being educated, nobody will join the Jihad but feel the desire to advance in life and make personal achievements. Even Menachem Begin supported this idea. In the end, every Prime Minister was wrong and so is Bibi today. The best education and university does not keep the Arabs away from violence and terrorism against Jews.
This should ring a bell in Europe, as Angela Merkel and “friends” support the same idea: “We have to integrate Muslim migrants so that they get adjusted to our European values.”
An idea which has never worked out.
Rabbi Me’ir Kahane quotes in his book THEY MUST GO from the Israeli Declaration of Independence (14 May 1948):

“We appeal … to the Arab inhabitants of the State of Israel to preserve peace and participation in the upbuilding of the state on the basis of full and equal citizenship.”

What causes the Middle East Conflict? Very simple:

But the Arab problem will not go away, because the very existence of the Jewish state creates it.

It is as simple as that. The conflict is not about settlements or land but the Palestinians do not want any State of Israel. When the first Arab riots started in 1921 (Yaffo) and in 1929 (Jerusalem and Hebron), there were no settlements yet. And the Arabs back then never complained about a settlement problem.
Those who still believe that there will be peace, is a dreamer or following an illusion. You may dream on for the rest of his life. Just watch out that a Palestinian terrorist does not kill you before!  

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