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A clean and affordable place to sleep in Jerusalem

Are you among those tourists who got ripped off by dirty overpriced Arab hostels in the Old City of Jerusalem?
Well, this is your fault because you should have checked into the Avraham Hostel located near the Machane Yehudah Market in downtown Jerusalem. Not in the Old City where most tourists would love to stay but in the New City.
Why staying in the Old City in a dirty hostel run by Arabs when the Avraham Hostel is offering great and clean accommodation for less money? The Avraham Hostel offers lots of free activities, self-service laundry (cheap), free WIFI everywhere in the building, free breakfast buffet, etc. The hostel is easy to reach: By tram or by bus. Both stop right in front of the building. 
Good news for all Avraham Hostel Fans:
The Hostel is expanding and, at the beginning of February 2016, you can find the Avraham also in Tel Aviv. Close to Yehudah HaLevi Street and not too far away from Rothschild Boulevard. 
A further branch has already opened in Nazareth. However, here it rather looks like a hotel than a hostel. 🙂
No, I am not making any affiliate marketing here but I am recommending the Avraham Hostel because it is the best hostel in Israel!

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