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The first night of Chanukkah in Jerusalem


Photo: Miriam Woelke


It has been really cold for the past few days. Nine degrees Celsius during the day and two degrees at night. European and North American readers can only laugh about me saying “really cold”, as they are used to worse temperatures. However, when the thermometer goes below 10 degrees Celsius, Israelis are freezing cold. 🙂
We had six degrees Celsius in Jerusalem last night and this is one of the reasons why it was totally empty downtown. Another reason is Chanukkah because families like to gather at home and light the candles together.


Photo: Miriam Woelke
If you are interested:
Cafe Ne’eman at Jaffa Road / King George is selling three Sufganiot for ten Shekels. At least in the evening. I ate two and this is enough for me this year. Too many calories and too sweet. 🙂
What is far more interesting are the hot soups the 5-Shekel chains Cofizz and Cofix are selling. Cofizz (Ben Yehudah Street) offers hot tomato soup and Cofix (Dorot Rishonim off Ben Yehudah Street) is selling delicious lentil soup. Everything Kasher le’Mehadrin / Chief Rabbinate Jerusalem!
When I go home I heard about another Palestinian terror attack near Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station. Looking out of my window, I saw that the Palestinians living in my neighbourhood are also rioting. Lots of Israeli soldiers were getting ready fighting the rioters. 
I am going to publish three videos in the course of the day: Chabad Chassidim lighting the first Chanukkah candle at Zion Square in downtown Jerusalem.
Chanukkah Sameach-Happy Chanukkah! 🙂

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