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One-third of new Olim commit Suicide

Arutz 7 published a disturbing news:
One-third of Israelis committing suicide between 2000-2013 are new immigrants (Olim Chadashim).
Unfortunately, the article doesn’t tell us about the countries where those immigrants came from.
People committing suicide usually find themselves in a deep depression and don’t see any more hope. Everything seems so useless and the best way would be death. At least, then one doesn’t need to worry anymore and all problems are solved automatically.
The Torah and Judaism as a whole prohibits suicide. Kabbalistic literature is even telling us that the Jewish soul then would be stuck between two worlds: The world of the Living and the World of the Death. Meaning, that the soul doesn’t move to it’s place in Olam HaBah (the World to Come) because it’s destination is unclear and it could be that it has to undergo a Gilgul (reincarnation) in order to find it’s destined goal and peace.
Most suicidal people, however, don’t take this into consideration because they don’t have the strength anymore. They simply don’t care about this world or another world. The only thing they want is their emotional pain to stop.
Many new immigrants may underestimate the difficulties of moving to another country. Despite Nefesh be’Nefesh promising you Paradise but money is not everything. In the end, all the Aliyah money will be spend and if you are thinking about returning to your old country, you may find yourself with an empty bank account. I have met quite a few people from the US or even Brazil who could not afford a plane ticket in order to go home.
Making Aliyah to Israel is a brave decision and, as long as Nefesh be’Nefesh or the Jewish Agency are taking care of you, everything is, more or less, fine. Once you are on your own, things could be getting difficult. Especially when you don’t speak Hebrew and feel a kind of left out.
Thus, the first thing after making Aliyah is finding friends. Really good friends. Not only from your own place of origin but born Israelis. Knowing Israelis is always helpful because they have a great network and provide you with all kinds of information. Example: My friend looking for an apartment. Her American friends only tell her about the most expensive places to rent, as many Anglos don’t know any better. I told her not to listen to them and started looking for her on Israeli websites. The result was that we are seeing apartments which are half the price her American friends suggested.
Another important issue is that a new country always brings about a new language, a new mentality and a new culture. The immigrants needs to be flexible and must be willing to learn new things in order to fit in. Making Aliyah as a single person is easier than coming with a spouse and children. A lot of families broke apart because one spouse found himself unable to adjust to the new situation and country.
There are many things to consider and I don’t want to judge immigrants killing themselves, as the reasons differ and may be not even connected to their Aliyah.

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