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Idolatry on xmas

It is not easy for a religious or traditional Jew to escape all the xmas hype taking place in the Diaspora. All kinds of idolatry symbols and ideology. I had to undergo the same experience when I used to live in Germany. Although Germans are not really into the Christian religious stuff but rather enjoy their famous “Gemuetlichkeit” (comfy homely atmosphere) with xmas markets, sausages and Gluehwein (mulled wine). Due to the Muslim invasion, xmas markets are now called “winter markets”.
However, within the past two decades, Jewish Israelis have started to put a tree into their homes on xmas eve. Not necessarily for reasons of Christian idolatry but because they like to look at the nicely decorated tree and enjoy the comfy atmosphere. In other words, many secular Jews want to be like any other nation and don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t.
I don’t miss the comfy atmosphere at all and a lot of Germans complain that the entire xmas business is nothing but a rip-off.
“Jews for Judaism” has published an informative video for all Jews. Including those who favour Christian idolatry:



I hope that this will help you to look at the true meaning of xmas: It is a festival full of idol-worship.

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