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Tomorrow is ASARAH be’TEVET (10 Tevet)

From tomorrow morning until tomorrow night, the Jewish world is in mourning and fasting. It is the 10 Tevet (Asarah be’Tevet) and here are some information on this sad day in Jewish history:
A lot of frum Jews also see in 10 Tevet a mourning day for those Jews who perished in the Holocaust.
If you don’t live in a religious area, you won’t feel too much of the 10 Tevet atmosphere. In places like Tel Aviv and other secular areas, most Israelis don’t even know about the existence of 10 Tevet. The sad reality is that they do know about smas, as Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station and further places downtown have xmas trees. People say it is because of the foreign workers from the Philippines and tourists. However, Israel shouldn’t give in to idol-worship symbols. Islamic countries would never do so!



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