Daily Life in Israel

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I haven’t been blogging too much foin the past few days because I was a little busy. Two days ago, I had to appear in court as a witness. The Egged bus driver who caused a bus accident three and a half years ago was taken to court and the prosecutor asked nine witnesses to show up. Only me and an American tourist (college student) from Arkansas were injured in the accident. All other witnesses saw the accident but, fortunately, weren’t hurt.
The college student is back in Boston and didn’t come to Jerusalem. All other people, including myself, were in the courtroom. Before our case began, we were watching two other traffic court cases. The judge was a Palestinian, the defender was Palestinian and the prosecutor was a Jew. So, don’t you ever say that Israel is an Apartheid state, as it is not.
In the end it turned out that all of us didn’t have to say anything and that the defender just acknowledged the statements we made at the police after the accident happened. This was it and we could go home. 🙂 What I didn’t expect (because it is Israel): Each of us received 180 Shekels travel expenses.
Yesterday I had a dentist appointment and this alone is causing me a lot of stress. Baruch HaShem, it was just for cleaning the teeth. 🙂
A lot of xtians are asking me on my German blogs whether there are any xmas activities in Jerusalem. The truth is that we don’t feel anything xmas-like unless you go into the Christian Quarter or Armenians in the Old City. There you probably see xmas decorations and those tourists who decided to come to Israel without canceling their trip due to the security situation, are gathering in various churches and that’s about it. Many may travel to Bethlehem which is right outside Jerusalem.
In case you are such a tourist, watch your purse! Arab hostel owner’s and all the souvenir shops will rip you off as much as possible. Otherwise xmas is an ordinary weekday in Israel, as Jews don’t celebrate it.

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