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The AVRAHAM HOSTEL is coming to Tel Aviv

Israel’s tourist industry is down and even in Jerusalem, quite a hotels were forced to shut down. The crisis began with the war in Gaza in summer 2014. Missiles were flying into Israel and tourists started canceling their trips to the Holy Land. 
Since then, the tourist industry has not recovered. To make things worse, now Arab terrorists are attacking people in the streets with knives or run everyone down by car. Who wants to travel around in such a country where one has to constantly watch out? Hardly any tourists came for the Christian xmas and the Christian and Arab Quarters in the Old City of Jerusalem remained empty. The Arabs are hurting themselves. Increasing terrorism and the result is that no one wants to stay in the Old City anymore. The Arabs are complaining but it is their own fault.
The Avraham Hostel in the new city of Jerusalem is the best hostel in town. If you are looking for a great affordable clean place, go there and not to the dirty holes at Jaffa Gate or Damascus Gate. Palestinian hostel owners rip you off and all you get is a cave with no window, dirty sheets and no hot water to shower.
The Avraham Hostel is mostly cheaper and offers breakfast buffet and activities included. It is clean and has heating. I am mentioning this because it is cold in Jerusalem. 🙂 Not so much now but temperatures will go down this Wednesday and then it is getting cold and rainy.
The good news is that the Avraham Hostel owners are spreading their business. There is already a branch in Nazareth and on February 1, 2016, another Avraham Hostel is due to open it’s gates in Tel Aviv (near Rothschild Boulevard). This means a lot of competition and all other hostels have to think about something. How they  can attract backpackers, as lots of tourists will just run to the Avraham Hostel.
So far, the Sky Hostel, Momo’s Hostel (both in Ben Yehudah Street), the Hayarkon Hostel (in Hayarkon Street) and the Florentin Hostel (in the Florentin neighbourhood) are the cheapest hostels in Tel Aviv. The Florentin Hostel has an age limit and they only accept tourists and no Israelis!
However, once the Avraham Hostel is in town, it has to been considered to be a serious competitor and other hostels should react now.
See everything about the Avraham Hostels
This is NOT an affiliate article for the Avraham Hostel but I am writing according to my own experience. A little more than three years ago, after moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, I was staying at the Avraham Hostel near the Machane Yehudah Market because I had to wait another couple of days for my new apartment. I have to say that I really enjoyed my stay at the Avraham Hostel!

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