Daily Life in Israel / Weather

Jerusalem this morning


Photo: Miriam Woelke

Okay, I admit that one cannot compare the Israeli winter to a winter in the US or Canada. 🙂 However, the weather forecast is pretty bad for this Shabbat. Lots of rain, floods, temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius and stormy weather. Its easy to say that you are used to far more difficult weather conditions but take into consideration that, in Israel, we don’t have proper heating. I have a small electric heater and that’s about it. What we do is drinking lots of tea and enjoy hot soups. And pray that the power doesn’t shut down. 🙂
Tourism hardly exists these days but, in case you are interested, the cheap 5-Shekel-coffee chains COFIZZ and COFIX are also offering hot lentil and tomato soups. And they are delicious!
As soon as the cold weather hits, Jerusalem residents prefer to stay at home. Many cafes and restaurants are empty. After work, everyone just hurries home and that’s it. There is not much going on and we also don’t celebrate New Year. Not officially but there are private parties. The Avraham Hostel, for instance, offers live music tomorrow night. And there may be some fireworks going on at the beach in Tel Aviv. However, due to the bad weather conditions, I am not sure whether the event is taking place at all.

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