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Jerusalem: Snowstorm on New Year’s Eve

Most Tel Aviv hostels are booked and despite the fact that Sylvester doesn’t exist in Judaism, a lot of secular Israelis like to celebrate the worldly new year. Especially in Tel Aviv where lots of parties and a firework at the beach are taking place. 
However, the weather forecast doesn’t predict anything good but stormy rainy and bloody cold weather. In Jerusalem, we even may find ourselves covered in snow tomorrow morning. Temperature is not going below zero degrees Celsius at night but some snowflakes are apparently coming down. Hopefully not too many, as I hate snow. 🙂 
Jerusalem is getting ready for the storm which is supposed to start this late afternoon. The peak will be tomorrow night. Our greatest fear is that the power will go off again. Our electric company is a failure and every winter anew they claim to do their utmost. Everything would be under control but it is not. As soon as a little wind blows, the power goes off. Especially when you live somewhere in the countryside. 
The sky over Jerusalem is dark and we have already had a few heavy rain showers. In case you are planning to travel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv (or vice versa) tomorrow: Please take into account that, in case there is snow, the buses won’t run. As soon as it snows in Israel, shops are closing, everybody is staying at home and the buses stop running. In addition to that, highway from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will be closed off, as appropriate tires for the winter are almost unknown.
You can laugh now but Israelis are not used to snow and don’t even bother going to work. Streets are hardly freed from snow and sleet and buses don’t run. Cars get stuck and public life is stopping immediately. People rather suffer through, as the bad weather only lasts for a couple of days. What we do is wrapping ourselves in warm blankets and drink hot beverages. 🙂 The good thing is that the Arabs stop their terror attacks and stay home.
So, prepare yourself that shops may be closed on Friday and that there won’t be any buses. I still hope that it won’t be that bad. 🙂
More information on the upcoming storm in Jerusalem HERE and HERE!
By the way, snow will be also expected in Zfat, as the town is the highest in Israel. If worse comes to the worst, you are stuck in Zfat. 🙂

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