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Opening soon: “New COFIX branch in Agrippas Street”

Wherever you go in downtown Jerusalem, you see lots of cheap 5-Shekel cafe branches such as COFIZZ or COFIX. Even in Mea Shearim and Ge’ulah you find these kind of cheap cafes. Not necessarily from Cofizz or Cofix, as the Rabbanut Mehadrin Hechsher may not be sufficient. 🙂 However, a couple of private businessmen opened a 5-Shekel place. Probably with a Badatz Hechsher.
COFIX has started to offer even more beyond coffee, juices and sandwiches. At their branch inside the Clal Center at Jaffa Road they also added a bar with booze. Now they are planning the same in Agrippas Street. Right next to the Machane Yehudah Market, across the Natural Choice Bakery.



Photo: Miriam Woelke


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