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The PLANET YES “Shabbat” Curse

Only a few months ago, the controversial cinema complex Center PLANET YES opened it’s gates in Derech Hebron Street (Jerusalem).
What makes the building “controversial”?
Planet Yes is open on Shabbat.
Besides nine cinema halls, Planet Yes also offers cafes, restaurants and a bar. However, not all businesses are open to the public yet, as construction work is still going on.
Some cafes / restaurants are meant to be kosher, others will be treife as they are open on Shabbat. As soon as a cafe / restaurant opens on Shabbat, the food is not kosher anymore. Even though, their kitchen may be kosher and kosher ingredients are being used. There is not Hechsher (kosher certificate) for companies working on Shabbat. 
Opponents of Planet Yes may be happy to hear that, so far, business has failed. Not too many people are coming and, most of the time, the building is almost empty. When the media publishes photos, they always use pictures from the opening celebration when the Planet was packed. Afterwards, we hardly saw anybody entering and the security guards are bored.
But the financial loss is not the only worry of Planet Yes. Heavy rain showers have come down lately, and neither the roof nor the walls were able to keep the water out. Thus, the brand new building was already flooded after the first rain shower. 



Photo: Miriam Woelke


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