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Hebron-one of the four holy cities in Judaism

Everybody is always concentrating on Jerusalem and, unfortunately, many Jews forget about Hebron. Hebron was King David’s first capital where he had his palace before conquering Jerusalem. And it is in Hebron where the Jewish forefathers and mothers as well as Adam and Eve (Chava) are buried. Inside the famous Ma’arat HaMachpelah building.
There are buses from Jerusalem to Hebron and I went once. The buses are all bullet-proofed and the glass of the windows is so thick that you can hardly look outside. The reason is Palestinian terrorism. The bus is passing various areas where there could be Palestinian snipers. It takes quite a while to travel from Jerusalem to Hebron although the Gush Etzion area where Hebron is located can be found south of Jerusalem.
Hebron is located right next to a town called Kiryat Arba. The bus stops in front of the Machpelah and you just have to walk inside while passing several security posts where Israeli soldiers are standing.
Walking around in Hebron itself is not that easy. There is the rather tiny Avraham Avinu neighbourhood but three quarters of Hebron are under Arab control. When Benjamin Netanyahu was prime minister in the 1990s, he made the mistake to give most parts of Hebron to the Arabs. Since then, the town has been suffering from Arab terror attacks and snipers.
The paradox is that the Arabs are free to walk around on the Jewish side whereas Jews are strictly forbidden to enter the Arab part. The army posts wouldn’t allow this and the Arabs would kill you anyway.
People who are allowed to enter the Arab part are foreign tourists. Lets say that you are Jewish and have a foreign passport, you are able to enter the Arab part of Hebron. This however, is impossible when you are a Jewish Israeli.



The Ma’arat HaMachpelah were the Jewish forefathers as well as Adam and Eve (Chava) are buried




The Avraham Avinu neighbourhood in Hebron




The Grave of Yishai and Ruth




The Hebron Heritage Museum



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