Tu be'Shevat

Tonight is TU be’SHEVAT

Tonight and tomorrow (Monday), the Jewish world is celebrating the biblical new year of the trees, Tu be’ Shevat. The name simply stands for the 15th day in the month of Shevat.
There are two main customs on Tu be’Shevat:
1. Planting new trees in the Land of Israel.
2. Especially Jewish religious households are holding a special Seder tonight. Similar to the Pessach Seder but with a huge variety of fruit.
Wherever you go these days, you just see dried fruits anywhere. Nevertheless, this Tu be’Shevat is very different because Israel is suffering from a blizzard. Jerusalem is expecting snow by tomorrow night. It is freezing cold, heavy rain and hail showers are coming down and the storm makes it impossible to open an umbrella. New York is suffering from much worse conditions but, at least, those guys have central heating. We don’t. πŸ™‚
What can I say? It just doesn’t feel like Tu be’Shevat today. The positive thing is: My bronchitis is almost gone and I didn’t end up in hospital, as I had expected. So, I am happy! πŸ™‚




Photos: Miriam Woelke

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