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Jerusalem is awaiting the Snow

Streets and buses are basically empty and people now returning from work are just rushing home. The weather forecast is predicting a huge snowstorm tonight. By tomorrow morning, Jerusalem should be covered in snow.
It has been raining and hailing the entire day and it is freezing cold outside. Every year anew, snow in Jerusalem is a big issue and let us just hope that the power doesn’t go out. 🙂
Hospitals have their generators ready and our mayor asked people from Tel Aviv and elsewhere not to make their way to Jerusalem by car. Special tires for the winter (let alone chains) are almost unheard of in Israel and in recent years, people from the coast got too exited and drove their cars up the highway to Jerusalem. Those fools got stuck in the snow and had to be rescued by the army. 
My view this morning:




Photo: Miriam Woelke





Photo: Miriam Woelke

A couple of flakes already came down at around noon.

2 thoughts on “Jerusalem is awaiting the Snow

  1. b-h shalom miriam,,po nyc we got 28 inches of snow it was a blizzard,,this week we are digging out,,,your pictures are beutifull

  2. B”H

    I know the East Coast got plenty of snow. 🙂 Its all over the news. Even in Israel.

    In Jerusalem snow is a very big deal. Once because people are excited and get off from work. The entire public life stops and people stay at home. Shops are closed and buses don’t ride either.

    However, what we lack is central heating and a lot of residents are suffering from leaking roofs and ceilings. Israeli houses are definitely build for freezing weather. Baruch Hashem, it won’t freeze, as otherwise, our water pipes may freeze and break. Lets just hope the power won’t stop.

    Snow in Jerusalem tonight and tomorrow. On Thursday the sun will be out and on Friday we already have 9 degrees Celsius. Its warming up again. 🙂

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