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Israel: “Majority rejects Intermarriage”

The Israeli majority totally rejects intermarriage. Not because the survey was carried out by the Israeli counter missionary organization Yad le’Achim but even the most secular Jews don’t really want their kids to marry outside Judaism. Israeli Jews want their children and grandchildren to be Jewish. Hitler destroyed enough Jewish souls and many Israelis are the descendants of Holocaust survivors. By marrying a Gentile, Hitler would win and destroy another Jewish generation.
Intermarriage has become a serious problem in Israel. Many young Israelis like to travel the world and when they return, they ship in their Gentile girlfriend. Decades ago, a lot of secular Kibbutz members fell in love with volunteers from abroad and liked marrying them. Thus, they destroyed their own Jewish heritage and the children are not Jewish anymore.
Today, many secular Israelis want to be just like the rest of the world and think that a non-Jewish girls would suit them. I have seen this a couple of times myself. Once I knew an Israeli guy who had a Gentile girlfriend from Belgium. They were quite happy together but she didn’t want him to keep Pessach. This is where the problem started, as many of these Gentile girlfriends don’t want their Jewish boyfriend to stick to anything Jewish.
In the end the mixed couple broke up. A further reason were his parents who wanted to see their son marrying Jewish. The parents wanted a Jewish wedding with a Rabbi, Chuppah, Ketubah and everything else. They were Yemenites and traditional. The Belgium girlfriend returned to Europe and her former Israeli boyfriend found a new girlfriend: Jewish and from South Africa. His parents were happy and he could keep Pessach.

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