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Last Friday night near Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station

Tel Aviv residents living in the southern part of town have been complaining about criminal illegal African migrants for years. 50,000 illegal Africans live in the area around Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station and in the nearby neighbourhood Shechunat HaTikvah. Jewish residents don’t feel safe because they are being threatened by the Africans. Illegals screaming at Jews that Tel Aviv and the whole Israel is Africa now. Jews must leave and return to Poland. Anybody white doesn’t belong here anymore and Israel belongs to the Africans. 
Our governments hardly does anything against the illegals but the good thing is that Angela Merkel now invited all kinds of thugs to Germany where they are welcomed with cash, free accomodation, health insurance, etc. So, all the Africans prefer Germany because there is MUNEYYY. 🙂
As soon as the vast amount of illegal Africans settled in southern Tel Aviv, the crime rate increased. Drugs, prostitution, theft, murder, rape and threatening Jews. This is what the illegals are up to. The biggest problem is that many Israelis provide them jobs because the Africans are cheap. Look at all the larger hotel chains and you mostly see illegal cleaners. If no one gave jobs to Africans, they would leave in the end. But Israeli employers are always looking for cheap labour and as long as this goes on, the Africans either steal or make a living from illegal jobs. 
Half of the shops in Levinsky Street at the Central Bus Station belongs to illegal Africans. They either threatened Jewish shop owners to leave or previous owners had to give up their shops due to a lack of Israeli customers. No white person should walk the area after midnight. It is too dangerous and the Africans either fight each other or attack white people.
The question is how illegals are able to open their own stores and pubs. Tel Aviv, however, has an extreme leftist mayor and this is probably the reason. Another positive aspect is that the police force fights the Africans and this is why it hasn’t got as bad as in Germany. Furthermore, Jewish residents living in southern Tel Aviv fight back because they are not like the weak Germans who hardly show any resistance when it comes to Muslim attacks.
The illegal Africans have their own illegal markets in Tel Aviv. Stolen bikes and smartphones. The Israeli journalis Buki Na’e offers tours several times per month. He shows people around: Southern Tel Aviv, the illegal African dump and prostitution as well as illegal markets with stolen items. Buki Na’e can be booked through his Facebook page but a tour costs a couple of hundred Shekels, last for many hours and is in Hebrew only!




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