Talmud / Teshuva

Talmud Pesachim 54: “G-d created Teshuva (Repentance) before creating the physical World”

The Gemara (rabbinic discussion) in Talmud Pesachim 54a teaches:
“Seven things were created in the spiritual world before the physical world was created – and these are: Torah, Repentance (Hebrew: Teshuva), Gan Eden (Paradise), Gehinnom, G-d’s Heavenly Throne of Glory, the Holy Temple and the Name of Meshiach.”
In this article I am only referring to the TESHUVA concept. All other created things coming into existing before our physical will be explained in a later article!
When G-d creates, He does so with His thoughts. And when the Talmud here teaches about seven things created before our universe, it means that these things were created in the spiritual realms and not as a physical matter. They only existed in G-d’s thoughts, so to speak.
The thought, deed and word of every Jew has an impact on the spiritual worlds. When a Jew follows the Torah, he influences those worlds in a positive way. When he does the opposite, he causes a negative impact on the spiritual worlds.
G-d created the spiritual worlds before our physical world. Even though when a Jew doesn’t act according to the Torah, he has a way of fixing himself through repentance (Teshuva) as well as his negative impact on the spiritual worlds.
Pesachim 54 doesn’t talk about it but many Rabbis such as Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook or Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz state that there are different ways of doing Teshuva and different level’s of a person’s Teshuva. Everything depends on the individual potential and level of a Jew. However, I find it very interesting to point out that G-d gave us the possibility to do Teshuva and fix our deeds. It is also an amazing thing that He created Teshuva way before our physical world came into being.

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