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Shmarya Rosenberg sold his Failed Messiah

I suppose that most Orthodox Jews have, one way or the other, come across the Failed Messiah blog. A blog I hardly ever read because it was too wild. It seemed as if Shmarya (Scott) Rosenberg was searching the web like a psychopath just in order to find some dirt about Jewish Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox society. As far as I saw, he never ever mentioned anything positive but only spread out his negativity.
I do think that there is a need for such a site. Writing about all kinds of negative and even criminal matters going on in the Orthodox world but this should be done in a normal modest way and not by vicious slander. To me it looks like as if Shmarya Rosenberg has a problem and not necessarily the Orthodox world. How can anyone spent 24 hours a day searching the web for slander on haredi world? Writing about Israel as a non-Israeli is also a difficult issue and many Israelis, including myself, don’t really take opinions from abroad seriously. Maybe we should but, on the other hand, we see what is going on. Many of us have been involved in Arab terror attacks, have lost relatives and friends. We are facing Molotov Cocktails, stones, stabbings, murderous car attacks, etc. And then someone from the outside is coming to explain us how to behave and what to do. Someone who has never been confronted with an Arab terrorist.
Now Shmarya Rosenberg sold his famous blog:
I cannot say that I am happy or sad that Shmarya sold his blog. The site, by the way, continues and already has a new design. What I never liked about the Failed Messiah was the tremendous slander providing our enemies (anti-Semites as well as vicious Christian missionaries) with all the negativity of the Jewish world possible. In this respect, Shmarya has done a lot of damage.
Nevertheless, I hope that he finds his true happiness and purpose in life without the need to hunt haredi Jewry. I always wondered if the guy doesn’t have any hobbies, friends or just other things to do in life.

One thought on “Shmarya Rosenberg sold his Failed Messiah

  1. So you blame the messenger instead of hearing the message. That’s exactly why there’s a need for site like FM. To expose the filth the Rebbes hide away.

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