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Fatal Egged Bus Accident on Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway

Six people died in an Egged bus accident in the early evening yesterday. A bus driver who apparently drove too fast, crashed into a parked truck. It was the 402 bus going from Jerusalem to Bnei Brak. An Egged bus line mainly used by Haredim.
A surviving passenger said that the driver was going like a madman and this is not unusual. Other bus drivers taking the same route are driving down the hills of Judea like nuts. I have been wondering for a long time that no serious accident has occurred earlier.
I know how Egged is behaving now because I have been in a bus accident four years ago. When an Egged bus driver left his bus for whatever reason. What he forgot was using the breaks properly and thus the bus started to roll backwards. It slammed into me and squeezed a young American tourist girl into another bus. The girl was caught between two buses up in the air.
Egged won’t speak to any of yesterday’s surviving victims. Neither will they refer to the families who lost a beloved family member. Each injured passenger has to get a lawyer who has to deal with the Egged insurance company. The bus company is not talking to anyone on a personal basis. I found this extremely rude while I was in hospital but this is the way insurance companies work. They want to get away with as little compensation as possible.

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